How can trailblazer cities and local governments create an SDG Compact?

Trailblazer cities and local governments can create an SDG Compact along with other local stakeholders by following five steps:

  1. Establishing SDG local action networks – Build on existing local progress and create a multi-stakeholder group including local governments, civil society, private sector, foundations, academia, and more to identify gaps and determine priorities.

  2. Tracking SDG baseline data and prioritizing targets – Co-develop local reporting platform and two-year commitments to align group’s incentives on prioritized SDG targets in an SDG Compact mutual accountability agreement.

  3. Match financing with local priorities – Improve the use of existing resources through integration and systems transformation and mobilize additional resources from foundations and the private sector to achieve locally prioritized SDG targets.

  4. Enroll in the Sustainable Development Games – Join as a trailblazer city or local government with a multi-stakeholder action network and seek to win awards and global recognition for validated, measurable progress towards SDG targets.

  5. Networking, twinning, learning, and communicating – Highlight and share progress on locally led best practices while leveraging lessons from other cities.

How can you get involved?

  1. Communities, cities, or local governments can mobilize to become Trailblazers by sending a letter of interest based on the template downloadable below to the SDG Compacts' Interim Secretariat.
  2. Organizations can join the SDG Compacts Rapid Action Team Everywhere (RATE).
  3. Funders can contribute resources to support SDG Compacts in cities and local governments around the world.
  4. Anyone from local and city government, civil society, private sector, academic institutions, and more can join regional or global action events where trailblazing cities and local governments developing SDG Compacts are joining forces to accelerate action