Why join the SDG Compacts movement?

Countless initiatives exist to drive SDG progress, but at the core of the SDG Compacts movement is a desire to reduce duplication of platforms and services and instead focus on aligning local-global incentives and opening doors to new funding to support this action. Groups across sectors joining forces behind the SDG Compacts will benefit in different ways:

  • Cities and local governments can generate and sustain political will, mobilize new funding, learn and share with other global cities, and validate and celebrate local progress

  • Civil society organizations can engage on a deeper level with both citizens and local government representatives, driving local action towards the global goals, support local-to-global alignment, ground their efforts in a mutual accountability mechanism, and scale impact

  • Investors and private sector can identify new pathways for investment, see greater ROI, and better assess the non-financial risk of their investments

  • INGOs and global development agencies can scale impact, identify new pathways for investment, gain alignment on SDG commitments, and embrace data driven transparency