San Jose Community Trailblazes Design of the “Race for Climate Smart Sustainable Development”

 SDG Compacts mobilizes community-wide action to fulfill promise of rapid transformation to a low-carbon society

June 22, 2018 – San Jose, California – Over 30 leaders from across sectors in San Jose, CA held the second meeting today to co-design the “Race for Climate Smart Sustainable Development,” which will connect and mobilize various groups in the community towards implementation of the Climate Smart San Jose Plan. The San Jose City Council approved the plan on February 27, 2018 as a roadmap for how the community can rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the Paris Climate Treaty and the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This plan will  also accelerate economic growth through market-driven solutions that ensure all people living in San Jose have access to what the plan calls the “Good Life 2.0," which includes leveraging the things that people tell us make them really happy as the basis for sustainability.

"The speed and scale of urbanization brings tremendous challenges to cities. Climate Smart San José and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) places us on the path to a truly global solution. The participants in our Climate Smart SDG meetings illustrate the ways in which communities around the South Bay area are responding to climate change through data, dedication and creativity," Cyndy Comerford, the Deputy Director of the City of San Jose commented. 

The “Race for Climate Smart Sustainable Development” will mobilize neighborhoods, businesses, and building owners to drastically increase investment in renewable energy, reduce car emissions, decrease water consumption, and to make rapid increases in energy efficiency.

The Climate Smart San Jose SDG Compact is an agreement for collective action that aims to bring together the City of San Jose, civil society, the public and private sectors, community foundations, and academic institutions to accelerate measurable progress in achieving the targets identified in the Climate Smart San Jose plan. 

SDG Compacts are “mutual accountability mechanisms” designed to help cities and local governments generate political will, mobilize resources, establish local reporting platforms, and validate local progress in support of the SDGs. The Climate Smart San Jose SDG Compact will be led by a Rapid Action Team (RATE) and coordinated by the City of San Jose’s Department of Environmental Services, Stanford University Sustainable Urban Systems Initiative, Global Development Incubator (GDI), and other partners.

The partners involved in San Jose’s trailblazing efforts intend to provide a progress update in tandem with the Global Climate Action Summit on September 2018. Check out San Jose's resources on our new City Resources page

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Sara Beatty