Trailblazer Cities

Initial trailblazer cities and local governments currently developing their SDG Compacts include:

  • Nairobi County, Kenya: The “Nairobi County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), 2018-2022” is being finalized and a process for aligning the Nairobi CIDP to the SDGs is underway. Nairobi County’s SDG Compact will mobilize the private sector (e.g. Nairobi Chamber of Commerce), civil society groups, universities, and international partners to join forces to achieve bold, transformational, time-bound and locally prioritized biennial targets from the Nairobi CIDP in support of the SDGs.

  • San Jose, CA, USA: The City of San Jose approved the “Climate Smart San Jose Plan, A People-Centered Plan for a Low-Carbon City” on 27 February 2018. A San Jose/Silicon Valley SDG Compact is under development to mobilize Santa Clara county, neighboring cities, and the private sector, to jointly commit to biennial and measurable targets to drive climate smart progress in support of the SDGs.